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Coach Miha

Coach Miha’s brand is dedicated to empowering professional women through mindset coaching and NLP mastery. With a focus on clarity, confidence, and empowerment, Coach Miha guides clients on transformative journeys, helping them break free from limitations and pursue lives aligned with their true desires.

Visual Identity

Key concept

The core of this brand identity revolves around, a dynamic spiral, a metaphor for the transformative journey we embark on together. Starting in a blue, it symbolizes the initial stages of uncertainty and self-discovery. As the spiral progresses, it gracefully transitions into a red, reflecting the empowering shift towards confidence and clarity.

Just as the spiral continuously evolves, so too does your journey with Coach Miha. It’s a visual representation of the profound transformation from questioning to empowerment, echoing the core philosophy of mindset mastery and personal growth that defines our coaching approach.

Color Palette

Primary Color

A soft and inviting background, #FFF3F5 represents the calming canvas for Coach Miha’s brand. Its gentle blush undertones evoke warmth, creating a supportive atmosphere for transformative conversations, ensuring visual comfort, and underscoring the brand’s empathetic approach. commitment to heartfelt gifting and self-expression.

Secondary Color

#274975, a deep blue, anchors the brand’s visual identity, ensuring readability and conveying professionalism. As a secondary color, it commands attention without overpowering, harmonizing seamlessly with the overall aesthetic while emphasizing clarity and trust.

Accent color

Radiant and empowering, #E44C5D serves as a vibrant accent. This energetic red infuses dynamism into key elements, signifying confidence and the journey from uncertainty to empowerment. Used strategically, it sparks attention and reinforces the brand’s mission of transformative mindset coaching.


Primary Typography (Playfair Display)




Playfair Display, our primary font, exudes elegance and sophistication. Its timeless serifs bring a touch of tradition, aligning with the brand’s commitment to trust and reliability. Ideal for headlines and logo application, Playfair Display adds a distinguished flair, making a bold visual statement that mirrors the brand’s commitment to clarity
and empowerment.

Secondary Typography (Lato)




Lato, a sans-serif font, serves as our secondary typeface for body copy. Its clean and modern lines ensure optimal readability, fostering a seamless reading experience across various platforms. Lato’s versatility perfectly complements Playfair Display, creating a balanced typographic hierarchy in written content for a cohesive and professional presentation.

Accent Typography (Great Vibes)




Great Vibes, our accent font, introduces a handwritten, script style, conveying a personal and approachable touch. Ideal for accentuating key messages or adding a signature feel, Great Vibes injects a sense of warmth and individuality into the brand. This script font is a visual representation of the personalized guidance and supportive approach inherent in Coach Miha’s coaching style.

Logo Rationale

The spiral logo element embodies the essence of Coach Miha’s brand journey. Symbolizing transformation and growth, it represents the progression from uncertainty to empowerment. As the spiral evolves, transitioning from calming blues to vibrant reds, it mirrors the transformative process of mindset mastery under Coach Miha’s guidance. Each curve symbolizes a step forward, a shift in perspective, and a newfound clarity. The spiral serves as a visual reminder of the profound transformation possible through coaching, encapsulating the brand’s commitment to empowering individuals to lead lives filled with purpose, passion, and fulfillment.

Logo Responsivity

Brand Patterns

Business Card


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Mihaela Anca Freedom Choice Lifestyle

I had the opportunity to work with Gracey from Gramon Graphics on my branding and it was great collaboration! She listened to my ideas from the beginning and with her ability she transformed them in artwork! 😍 She made sure everything is ok and at review meetings she was very receptive, adaptable and complemented my ideas with professional advices! I’d definitely recommend her services as she’s very thorough with her work! Plus she has a pleasant personality! Love the end result! 🥰 Thanks again Gracie!

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