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Knookle personifies the fusion of creativity and the joy of gifting. This entity curates one-of-a-kind, handmade art products, beautifully capturing the essence of shared happiness in the act of gifting to both others and oneself.

Visual Identity

Key concept

The core essence of this brand identity revolves around the impact of the paintbrush, symbolizing a diverse array of meticulously crafted, handmade artful products. This versatility is portrayed through the predominant use of brush strokes, serving not only as a means of artistic expression but also as a medium to depict the key symbols and illustrations that define the brand. This intentional use of brush strokes showcases the brand’s flexibility, emphasizing the wide range of creative offerings that can be presented.

Color Palette

Primary Color #F1CACB

 The primary color of soft pink envelops the Knookle brand with a gentle and inviting aura. This color serves as the backdrop, symbolizing warmth, creativity, and a personal touch. It is
prominently featured in the brand’s identity, from product packaging to digital platforms, creating a visual harmony that resonates with the brand’s commitment to heartfelt gifting and self-expression.

Secondary Color #724F2F

The secondary color of muted brown, complements the soft pink, grounding the brand in a sense of sophistication and warmth. Used strategically, this color adds depth to the brand’s visual elements, enhancing the overall aesthetic. It is employed in typography, accents, and background elements, contributing to a cohesive and versatile brand identity.

Accent color #FF496C

The accent color of bold coral injects a lively and playful energy into the Knookle brand. Reserved for highlights, call-to-action elements, and promotional materials, this color captures attention and accentuates key brand messages. Its vivacity reflects the brand’s commitment to creativity and joy, making it an impactful and memorable component of the overall color palette.


Primary Typography (Lobster)




 Lobster, as the primary typography, exudes bold elegance, capturing attention in headlines and key brand elements. Its distinct and stylish letterforms resonate with the brand’s commitment to creativity and individuality. The color selection
enhances Lobster’s impact, ensuring it stands out against
backgrounds and complements the overall warm and vibrant brand aesthetic.

Secondary Typography (Open Sans)




Open Sans, the secondary typography, embodies modern simplicity and ensures readability in body copy and supporting text. Its clean and versatile design complements Lobster’s boldness, providing a harmonious balance across various brand communications. The chosen color palette enhances Open Sans’ clean lines, contributing to a cohesive and sophisticated brand image.

Accent Typography (Brush Script)




Brush Script, the accent typography, infuses expressive charm into specific elements, adding a personalized touch to the brand. Its handwritten quality conveys warmth and creativity, aligning with Knookle’s ethos. The color choice enhances Brush Script’s artistic flair, creating a visually engaging and harmonious blend with the overall brand palette.

Logo Rationale

Paintbrush Element: The paintbrush in Knookle’s logo symbolizes creativity, artistry, and craftsmanship. Its presence embodies the handmade nature of our wide range of variety products, showcasing the meticulous attention to detail and the passion we infuse into every creation. This element signifies the joy of creation and the artistic essence at the heart of Knookle.

Gift Ribbon Element: The gift ribbon in the logo represents the act of giving, thoughtfulness, and celebration. It symbolizes the joy of gifting and the connections it fosters between the giver and the receiver. The brushed elegant ribbon signifies the care we put into every product, emphasizing the importance of meaningful and heartfelt gifting experiences.

The clever combination of the paintbrush and gift ribbon forms the letter K, Knookle’s initial. This fusion represents the seamless integration of creativity and gifting, reinforcing our brand’s core values. It showcases our dedication to blending artistic expression with the joy of giving, creating a distinctive and
memorable visual identity for Knookle.

All elements have a brush stroke feel to them for emphasize on the artistic nature of the variety of products that Knookle makes.

Logo Responsivity

Brand Patterns

Business Cards

Thank You Cards

Thank You Stickers

Highlight Icons

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Charlotte Thomas Knookle

Gracey and I worked together (when i say this I mean she did most of the work!)to build me a new website and business design for my small business and I couldn’t be happier with it! She created everything I could possibly need! Logo, business cards, stickers, web design ect. Her creations are amazing and so original too! She made sure everything was clear and asked every question to make sure I was happy with the outcome and what I wanted. I got many updates on progress and help with setting up certain web developments. If there was anything I wanted changing she was more than happy. So grateful she gave me this opportunity to move up with my business. So very polite and kind and really helpful on giving me tips for future website changes. Even when I didn’t understand something she didn’t judge and thoroughly explained it to me. Couldn’t recommend her enough! Thank you 🙂

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